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The website wupperleben.de was developed as part of the ‘Only with us’ (Nur mit uns) project. The goal of this site was to facilitate the low-threshold access to their new home for women who have a migration background. Through the implementation of the ‘Only with us’ project it quickly became clear that this target group had versatile skills which could be employed even for the content part of the website and the app. Therefore, we could bring together an editorial team beyond the informal aspects of the site to actively shape it.
With the ‘Only with us’ integration project and the website wupperleben.de the migrants should be offered a multilingual platform on which they can find insight and exchanges on topics, which convey to them the societal and value system of their new home, Germany. Furthermore, they should be able to easily find legal information and advice and events. Within the website/app interactive exchange is possible.
Through this target groups which are harder to reach than other social groups will be addressed with integrative intention:
Women and mothers with a background of migration are far less in the public eye than men. They are often more tied with the family and remain in the private domestic relations than men. Therefore, integration, learning German culture, social contact with German people and language abilities are hindered.
But since women do most of the educational work and pass on values, language and culture to their children, the integration of the next generation cannot, in this case, take place successfully enough.
Dismantling these barriers is the aim of the project which, above all, should be implemented by the development of a website and an app.


The project is implemented by the Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen e.V. Bergisch Land – Fachbereich Gemeinwesenarbeit (Department of Community Work)

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