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12 ideas for children at home in Covid-19-lockdown

Nearly all children are currently at home:
How can they spend their time in a valuable manner?
Here you find ideas!

Parents are currently much longer and more intensive together with their children – and often now take over what kindergartens normally do.
Here you find ideas so that your children do not get too bored!
This page is constantly updated and expanded with new ideas, check back often!!

Before the ideas follow: Your children made a great video to say ‘thank you’ to all those
who do so much in these difficult corona times!
Thanks to everyone who works so hard!

© heart-photo at the end of the video:
photo by freepik – de.freepik.com

We started to produce our own ideas:

Selfmade video clips by SkF
IDEA #1 – Learn with fun

This is Zehra Akinci who leads the ‚women-power-group’ of the SkF.

NEW: Semra and the Conora-animal

The booklet with stories, ideas and more can be ordered via info@wupperleben.de.

5 coloring pages for children

The SkF (Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen / social service of catholic women) has made coloring pages for children in corona lockdown.

Here you can download the printable coloring pages.

Rhythm against boredom

This is Ahmed.  As you can see he he’s got the rhythm 🙂 – and a phantastic idea for concentration exercises.

Take part: ‘Thank you’ & greeting cards

We in the SkF made beautiful cards in many colours and hand them out to people we’d like to say thank you – for instance shop assistants, delivery service employees and many more.

And two further cards we hand out to people who need help or assistance:
„We are there for you“ and “Stay at home!” –
Just see here here or let yourself be inspired to imitate.

These are Mine (10 years old) and Merve (5 years). They show you a delicious healthy snack!
IDEA #5 – Delicious & healthy
This is Yavuz who made a phantastic dessert for his grandparents.
IDEA #6: Homemade dessert
IDEA #7: Lovely drawing-games
IDEA #8: Care package for friends & relatives

Have you got grandparents and you cannot visit them during corona-lockdown? Or have you got friends who live far away and who are quite alone?
Make them happy with a care package.
Food, sweets, a letter – that makes it easier when you are alone.

Take part: Rainbow coloring page

Maybe you have seen them hanging in some windows? Lovely coloring pages with a rainbow and the slogan ‚We stay at home‘.
Here you can download the files to print and use them.

IDEA #10: 15 quick ideas with egg boxes, toilet rolls and more
IDEA #11 Different paper planes


Here you find a great idea for a marble run:

IDEA #12: Marble run / more ideas


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